Chapman Guitars ML3 BEA Smoke Rabea Massaad’s Signature Guitar


I’m honoured to have had the opportunity to design another guitar with Chapman Guitars, and I couldn’t be more excited about the new pair of ML3 BEA guitars!

For me, the original ML1 BEA was an extension of my younger musical self – I am a huge Nuno Bettencourt fan and the guitar definitely showed that. But as my playing style has evolved, I really wanted the ML3 BEA to be a completely unique design, whilst maintaining the versatility I admire so much from the Chapman range. I’m really excited about the pickups I’ve spec’d for this guitar particularly, which sound awesome.

The ML3 BEA guitars are an amalgamation of all my guitar influences musically and physically up to now in my career – achieving a combination of beauty and brutality – both tonally and visually!

Rabea Massaad

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