Chapman Guitars ML1 RS Natural Rob Scallon’s Signature Guitar


The original idea here was to make an 8 string that isn’t simply geared towards making metal but a wide array of genres with metal included. Sing you to sleep, bring the funk, djent your face off, it would excel with all these while looking the part.

With inspiration from the ML-7S, I wanted a mahogany body base with similar pickups. But what I love mahogany for its look and tone I didn’t love its weight. So I decided to put swamp ash wings on the side to take off that weight. And that’s where the racing stripe kind of look came from.

I also really love the natural wood look. I found that when friends would come over who didn’t play themselves they would especially like the look of the natural wood guitars. It’s like a classy piece of furniture that happens to sound amazing. Once we had this basic design we knew we needed to make a 6 string too – this is it!

OK, I could talk about these for hours so maybe I’ll just stop here… I’m so proud of these guitars!

Rob Scallon


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